Environmental Program

Justice Environmental Improvement Program

Our mission statement:

To avail the american people with standards, methods, systems & procedures that they may personally clean government; and, clean water.”


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Also, to join us click on this header tags and ids and become a part of what we are doing to clean up our planet.  and listen to the below video explaining how you are a special class of citizen and how we are going to get recognition as such.  Tell all your friends to come to this site and get involved.  Our planet is dying.  We are American nationals for Clean Water, Clean Food, Clean Air and Clean government.  Click Environmental Marshals to become part of our clean up crew.


NSEA International is private, non-commercial, non-political in capita sovereign body authority of, for, and by the people. without the UNITED STATES.  NSEA International draws our authority from the Bill of Rights having only 13 Articles last ratified (1819).  The founders have a Peace Treaty with the UNITED STATES (a corporation with DUNS number 048163723).  America’s Reconstruction Project – American nationals for clean water, clean air, clean food and clean government.  Go the the ids-badges-tags tab to find out how to become a part of our private association to clean the Environment.

Every single house in the United States of America is operating in violation of the federal Public Law 92-500 (Public Health Code), aka Clean Water Act of 1972.  Each home is currently discharging toxic and hazardous poisons into our drinking water supplies nationally due to gross negligence on the part of the federal, state and local governments to adopt and enforce the Public Health Code in beginning July 1,1973 due to a major conflict of interest.  The result is millions of pounds of toxic carcinogens and many other health threatening pollutants being introduced into our public drinking water supplies and our oceans, killing us and our aquatic life and destroying the carbon sequestering capacity of our oceans.


This Program is designed to:

  • stop discharges of toxic pollutants into our drinking water supplies
  • stop discharges of toxic pollutants into our oceans
  • bring every home (onshore facility) into compliance with the Public Health Code
  • provide a means to release each and every person, the owner and or operator of the facilities, from their criminal liabilities
  • transfer the liability to the state licensed entities that allowed the transaction of the property operating in violation of the Public Health Code
  • enable civil damages to be collected from the insurance companies of those liable state licensed entities
  • enable us to take back control of our water
  • enable us to take back control of our welfare
  • enable us to take back control of our government
  • enable us to become self sustainable
  • create a Green Economic Stimulus Program that will stimulate our Nation’s overall ecomomy…rapidly