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Black and white you can see the difference between the united states of America and the US corporation.  Please take the time to study.


USA v US Corp


How big corporations are really just an arm of the United State Inc

Government & Corporation Chart

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and we sit in front of the TV hypnotized into thinking these creatures have no ill intent for mankind!!!!!  We have radiation in our oceans and the oceans living animals and fish are dying from chemicals, oil spills etc.  Then there is the chemicals being sprayed on us from above.  GMO foods and toxic chemicals sprayed on our foods.  Vaccines are not for good but bad and proven to kill, maim, sterilize and make sick the people that take them.  How much more can our Earth that sustains our lives endure before she gets too sick to recover???  When do you say enough is enough?  When do we all work together to fix what is wrong?  We are American nationals for clean water, clean food, clean air and clean government.

Example of a city that has toxic water and where you can pull your own information for your own case.  go to state, then your city.

Toxic Waters from the New York Times Website dated May 16 2012


 chemtrails – let’s get a case going on this one!

Connection Between Chemtrails, geoengineering, gmo and haarp


What a militia can do for all of us, see what sheriff clark has to say written by an anonymous being.

2nd Article Bill of Rights


GMO Toxicology Report


A dastardly Act and stands against our rights, see who voted on the corporate side for this horrible Act

Monsanto Protection Act how congress voted