ID and Tag Orders

ID Badges are being issued through the International Environmental Court and we are now taking orders.

Download below zip file with everything you need:

Ids and Car Tags zip file


These ID’s are good for 6 years. 


You will need to order your card by filling out the ID Verification & Order Form which is in the zip file above, and sending it along with a good clear passport photo and a blank postal money order in the amount of $95 or $98 expedited (Note: prices subject to change). A Postal Money order can only be gotten at your Post Office!!!! …No other type of Money Orders are accepted! Below is what a Postal money order from ANY post office looks like:

P money order



card sample front


Tag Sample


NSEA has Noticed the Secretary of State for EACH State.  You may use these id’s for travel after you rescind your driver’s license, de-register your car with the STATE and send out your Notices.

FORMS to Fill out:

NoticeofTerminationofVoterRegistrationforConstructiveFraudandDemand-FOR WHITE ONLY


NoticeofTerminationofVoterRegistrationforConstructiveFraudandDemand-NOT WHITE




Once again….

BE SURE TO LEAVE THE POSTAL MONEY ORDER BLANK for the pay to… Please fill in the from!


(1.) ID Verification Form,

(2.)Passport Photo or digital photo to

(3.) Copy of pg 9 Grand Jury Sign up form,

(4.) proof that you de-registered from the voters roll- (can be a copy of your return mailing receipt)

(5.) A BLANK POSTAL Money Order with only the From filled out.  Leave To Blank.

Mail To:


care of  1440 State Highway 248, Suite Q-418.

Branson, nation Missouri.

Near.  [ 65616-9998 ]

You can look for your card in approx 7-10 business days.

You will receive an ID PROOF via email before it goes to printing to assure all information is correct….so WATCH YOUR EMAILS PLEASE so you don’t miss it as this will delay your card order!

Print these out from zip file and keep in your car:

No Car Registration Needed

Supreme Court Decision no License needed for Travelers

Notice of Acquiescence Washington D.C.

Notice to Law Enforcement

New NSEA Car Registration


Each state should have a registration removal you can fill out.  Please de-register your car.