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Chat for call each week on Syncrenicity


Weekly radio show every Tuesday night 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific

phone # to call in (530) 881-1212 to show and listen or participate live  Pin # 912-576-138

phone # to replay the calls (530) 881-1219  Pin # 912-576-138

Here is a Replay link from Sunday night call June 23rd, 2013 on Grand Juries with host Kristi Schafer:

Here is the replay link for June 30th 2013 call on Grand Juries & Sheriffs court with host Kristi Schafer:

Interview with Kelby Smith on His Advocates June 26, 2013 Foreclosure prevention Show – how the grand juries work

Tom explains setting up the courts – peoples grand juries with friends of liberties with Keith Broders


How to get your car out of the system!

How the courts will work and questions answered.  7-9-13

Older talkshoe shows

Very informative show on the courts and how they will work to listen to shows