Micro Millimeter Waves 5G

Suppression, serious danger to health. Stop everything and listen to this.  5G truth is being covered up.  

Soy Oil

 This fat causes fatty liver, contributes to diabetes, getting fat and more.   GMO.


Listen to this if  you value your babies.  This doctors baby died. Just say no and if the doctors and hospitals force vaccines on you contact NSEA. THERE is something you can do about it.

Vaccine Truth

Listen to Robert Kennedy Jr.  Very good information.  So much information is being banned about this subject.  I hope I am able to change something about this before my grandchildren are forced vaccinated.  Autism is real and vaccine related.  I have ADHD which is a form of autism from shots I got as a child.  I stopped shots for my kids when they were young.  One has ADHD and the other does not.  One that has the least shots has an immune system bar none, the other does not.  

Dr Rima Laibow

This doctor had to leave the country to tell the truth.  Very informative.

Why are we sick?

Chemtrails, Spraying and our Health 

Distilled water

Recommended get a distiller at a local store or internet. First 3 weeks on it brought heavy detox of bodies drinking 1/2 gallon to 1 1/2 gallon of distilled water and juicing a day. Do not buy distilled water at the stores in plastic bottles as  it does not work the same.

After maybe two months drink spring or well water and/or take trace minerals.  

Distilling is great for detoxing.