WE are America Nationals for Clean Water, Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Earth, and Clean Government.

There is an alliance of non-commercial groups, ministries and organizations that have aligned themselves with us listed below:

Bountiful Earth



Pure Integrity Verified Seal

Environmental Court

Grand Jury of the people

Environmental Marshal Service

International Environmental Congress

Please click on the Credentials tab for downloads available for getting started in joining us.  To join fill out Page 9, remove your voter's registration and get your Grand Juror Credential.  Download the Credential zip file.  Fill out as much as you wish but the requirement to become part of this association is to do Page 9, remove voter's registration and get your Credentials.  TAGS are temporarily not available.

Bountiful Earth

Bountiful Earth ordains the Minister for the Environment for NSEA International.  This is a spiritual assignment under our God of Light and Love no matter what you call him and some say her.  We are about saving this planet not preaching a belief system.  If the God you worship is a dark entity/God, this is not for you.  


AES is the registered tradmark that represents Advanced Environmental Systems, who joins us as the source of the best available demonstrated control technology federally mandated by Act of Congress to serve every source of pollution since March 1, 1995 as promulgated by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) INTERNATIONAL, CERTIFICATION LABORATORY FOR THE UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY.

ZPD is the adopted seal that is required on every BADCT meeting the Congressional Mandated requirements of "ZERO POINT DISCHARGE" Standards and Limitations 

Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval

We are pleased to have The Pure Integrity Verified Seal of approval on board with NSEA International.  The seal is only placed on companies and products that are beyond organic,  non-toxic and the company passes the integrity test.  This seal is available for organic companies, ministries, and individuals and the how to is on the tab PIV SEAL. 


Grand Jury.  

All members that join the NSEA Association become Grand Jurors.  You will be added to a pool for future Grand Juries as needed. 

Environmental Court. 

The Environmental Courts goal is to set up a court in every county to deal with environmental issues and claims of harm.  

The Environmental Court has Environmental Marshals to carry out the duties of the court.  More information coming about the program soon.

Environmental Congress

a body of elected or appointed members for the purpose of making  environmental decisions that align with Clean Water,  Clean Air, Clean Food, Clean Earth, and Clean Government.