Mind control

If you have Messenger on your phone, you might want to delete it.

CIA Mind Control Drugs on Whole Community

CIA has been involved in spraying toxins on us for years.  A lady I talked to that was raised in a valley in Idaho told us that she and many others got Cancer, Lupus and many other debilitating diseases after they where unknowingly without consent sprayed as an experiment.  She had a severe case of Lupus and is likely dead now.  She said many of her friends had died from cancer and many of her friends had other debilitating diseases leading to death and had later found out about being sprayed as an experiment.  Another man was sprayed while serving in Cambodia during the Vietnam war with Agent Orange and other unknown chemicals and came home from the war with Fibromyalgia and later Cancer followed by a growth in his brain that put out tentacles which he died from .  READ the article attached.  

Cell Towers

This report shows patents on mind control thru cell towers.  Need to know.  When you are not using your phones turn them off.