Vision for Pure Integrity Seal


Pure  Integrity Verified™ Seal of Approval’s vision is to help heal the world  with purity and a quality life style. By setting the standards for Pure  Integrity, there is no room for compromise or for sickness and  diseases. Living a quality life style can be obtained and will help heal  the world. Continually touring the world to enlighten the public of the  importance of real foods and a chemical free planet will help us all to  continue to make a difference TOGETHER. Engaging in relationships are  the start of healing the planet. Visiting farms world-wide, we will help  you get acquainted with local farmers in your area. A sick nation will  surely fall but a healthy nation will conquer ALL! Together We Will Make  a Difference~ 


Misson Statement

Pure  Integrity Verified™ Seal of Approval brings to the world one of the  highest quality standards in the industry. The Pure Integrity Verified™  seal of approval, is the household name for organic products so you  don’t have to worry about your purchases. Only the purest of products on  the planet will gain PIV seal of approval. Helping the world to know  about GMO’s as well as the toxic chemicals that are being sprayed on our  planet. Reflecting non-compromising standards so that you may be  assured of PURE INTEGRITY products to bring in your home. Helping the  world to understand the importance of knowing their food sources and  getting to know their farmers. Dedicating timeless efforts to assure you  and your children of a safe and toxic free future. 

Live Happy Be Pure

Live for now with happiness in your heart, a smile on your face and let your thoughts be pure.  Each of us can only live for now and now is all we have to clean up our planet.

About the Seal Founder

Lynnette has embarked on a lifelong journey of healing the world's food; leading the world back to organic products and adding integrity as part of the seal to give us healthy healing foods, clothing, essential oils, herbs, and many other products that are safe and wholesome. When you see this seal on a product, you don''t have to check the ingredients as it has already been done for you by the strict approval process of each product within each company. 

Lynnette was given the very first outstanding achievement award as a Minister for the Environment for her work in developing the Pure Integrity Verified Seal and encouraging companies to not just have one product that is pure but to expand pure organic and toxic-free to every single product within their respective company.