Presidential Order

Please listen to this.  There are now  really bad Presidental orders that are not good Trump has signed.  13873 -5G Trump tweeted I want 5G and even 6G technology in the United States as soon as possible (?even at the expense of radiating the populance?), 13874 -GMO and he is pushing the chip, recycling toxic water and vaccines.  If this President is for the people then why is he pushing the New World Order agenda and why are conservatives not being allowed a voice on FB and Youtube for 2 years?


Here's the proof.  EMP? You decide.  People, you need to get off the grid.  Get your food supply and survival supplies now.  If you have family or friends out of the cities make a plan to bug out.  There is always the possibility that bad things could happen here.   Yes, there seems to be changes for the good but evil is still lurking in the shadows.  Get on this mans list and watch his shows. Very informative and 

World War III

The attack on the shipping by Iran is a set up.  This is not a country that history shows they dont attack people nor do they want war.  The thing we need to look at is who benefits from a war with this country.  Could it be Saudi Arabia, or Israel or maybe another?  It was planned right after 911 that 7 countries would be attacked:  Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran. The other 6 have already been attacked.  Only Iran is left.  Please pray for peace, truth, lies to be exposed, innocent people being protected from a false flag to start a war. and justice.

Genocide, weather assaults

Watch this before it is deleted.  Knowledge is power.