World War III

Could this be a set up to start World War III with a country that does not pick on others.  After 911 the edict went out that 7 countries were to be targeted.   Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran .  The other 6 have already been attacked by those in power.  Time for war to end and truth be spoken.  Wake up, pray for relief and peace and for the lies to be exposed.  Pray for false flag operations to be exposed and innocent lives saved from evil plans. It is done

Assange arrested

This is serious.  If they arrest the messenger for telling the people the truth or fine them like Christchurch in New Zealand showing it was a false flag then quickly the rest of our freedoms will be removed as well.  Don't sit back and wait for the World Order to come for you. Do something.  go to DLive.TV, bitchutes, and there you will find many of those deleted from youtube conservatives who now have a voice again.  Hitler's reign of terror and its history is about to repeat itself again.  Wake up.

Nibiru/Planet X

NIBIRU. Is it real?  We believe it is!  Listen to this and then decide where to move that is safe for you and your family.  White areas are safe. We have studied as much as possible to determine where to dig in so to speak.  Start preparing, get a food supply, bug out bag, supplies for survival etc.  Find a safe location to relocate.  No, no-one knows exactly when but it appears to be very close now. Takes this seriously.   

Sams Club Closures

Something sinister is up.  Sams Clubs is right in the middle of deep state attacks. A must to listen to!!!!

WALMART Fema Camps

Please send addresses for these walmart fema camps on the front page of the NSEA site if folks abide in areas where these camps are set up.

Proof patent for Device to Control Weather

Now it is just not hearsay.  Here is the patent device to make hurricanes and control them.  Now maybe the skeptics will finally wake up and do something to make their voices heard.  

Soldier says fema

Listen to this soldier.  A must!!!!!! Join if you haven't!!!!!


Our weather is being controlled H.A.A.R.P.  Watch and subscribe for new updates.  Chemtrails are making people very sick with lung and bronchicial issues that do not go away.  Chemtrails seem to have 3 distinct purposes. To make the population sick, to hide Niburu, and to control the weather.

Weather Control

Dangerous weather control using H.A.A.R.P.  Katrina and Harvey hurricanes were H.A.A.R.P.

Toxic Water

Toxic water from plastics and more.  There are things that can be done to fix and detox the water.  See Reclamator video.

Genie Oil and Gas

Why is oil and gas still being shoved down our throats when we have alternatives?  Could it be for profit and control of the masses?  Very well done video.

Tyranny against Native People

Where are the checks and balances.  Treaties are to protect yet they have been broken not once but over and over.  Bring an action in the Environmental court.  LEAVE a comment on the web site and information on how to file will be forthcoming.  

Police State

Are we in a police state????  Just talked with a lady that says she has been beat up by cops 3 times since 2010.  Never had any issues with them before then.  She is terrified to go out in the streets via a car now and has severe PTSD and is physically damaged permanently. All after 60 years of age.  She fears for her life as one of the times she almost died in the hospital from the assault on  her.